Jazz Happenings 10.15.18

I want to begin by welcoming so many new folks to Jazz Happenings that we met over this past weekend. Please excuse me if I don’t welcome you all by name, it would eat up this column, but thank you so much for joining us. Those new to JH will discover a weekly email that gives you a few welcome paragraphs, informs you of all of the “jazz happenings” in which I take part in the columns below, and at the very bottom, includes a column where you can get to know me a bit more as I muse through items that cross my mind from time to time. Read as little or as much as you like, and most important, take “note” of musical events you’d like to attend, and by all means, joins us! We always look forward to seeing all of you. Oh, and feel free to respond if the spirit does you to do so.

This past week was quite a rush, musically. We did lose an event to postponement, which is indeed rare, and while I never enjoy having to call my musician friends to advise them of such, it turned out that I got a call late Friday to head to Rochester on Saturday to join Franki Valli in his performance at the Kodak Theater. What an amazing experience musically, as well as personally, meeting wonderful new friends.

The inside scoop, is that Franki is very methodical, but very pleasant. His conductor, was congenial and took great care of us, and also let us know how pleased he was with us. However, he did seem to hold up the show a couple minutes waiting for the results of the Dodgers game (LA guy, probably people still filing in to the sold out house, as well) and did wear his Dodgers cap on stage! Franki led the band group prayer before going on stage, and he asked simply that we “sound better than we did last night”, to which everyone gave a warm chuckle, seeing as how his band was just amazing. Overall, a very pleasant experience, one I hope to repeat some day.

So you never know what’s going to happen in this biz. Wrapped around that were some other delightful performances, including the Cabaret Big Band’s stop to the Buffalo Historical Museum, yesterday afternoon, where we met so many of you. And now it’s on to this week, with some interesting events on tap. Read on to see, thank you for being with us, and have a wonderful week, everyone.